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Full automatic low temperature continuous dryer of GDZY type is a drying equipment of new high-efficiency and energy saving and environment protection, which is designed and self-developed by Wenzhou Yaguang on the bases of introducing foreign advanced technology.

The equipment can keep the scent and character for dry product. Its appearance is good and with no oxidation for production(no discolor, no smell loss etc.) it can meet the drying requirement of heat sensitive material and active ingredients as a result of the low temperature continuous drying in the vacuum state. It can not only improve the capacity of dry product but also can reduce the energy consumption effectively.

The Full automatic low temperature continuous dryer of GDZY type will be effectively solved the material with high viscosity, high in sugar or fat, highly heat-sensitive etc., compared with other drying methods. The on line controllability for technological parameter of equipment makes sure the stabilization and consistency of product quality.

Wenzhou Yaguang is a trial platform for dry product. We can provide the users the best drying process curve and technical parameters, and design and customize according to the requirement of the users.

Application Scope:

Pharmaceutical industry: Chinese medical extract, vitamin C, antibiotic, active substance, fermentation liquor etc.

Health food industry: maltose, malt extract, oligosaccharide, soyabean protein powder, tea powder, food additives, condiment, instant beverage, vegetable protein etc.

Fine chemistry industry: enzymes, essence, surface active agent, kithiun battery materials, emamectin benzoate etc.

Environmental energy industry: bio-organic fertilizer, activated sludge treatment etc.

Vacuum Belt Dryer for Test Type

Application scope: food, pharmacy, research and development institution for chemical and university

Testing device of dry product, material drying process curve, operation parameter etc.

The area of drying device from 1m² to 5m², the specification can be correspondingly matched.

vacuum belt dryer for mini-type

Effective drying area: From 10m² to 30m²

1-3 belt and 4-5 exchange hot area, these component device used for the vacuum belt dryer of mini-type

Perfect drying evaporative power 8-32kg/h

Vacuum Belt Dryer for Medium and Large Type

Effective drying area: from 30㎡ to 200㎡

4-10 belt and exchange hot area, used for full automatic production device of continuous interrupt(several days/several weeks)

Full automatic CIP washing system can proceed rapid washing in a short time and conform to the GMP requirement

The different dry product can have the different results of technical parameter and production capacity.

Working Principle:

Low temperature vacuum belt dryer is an indirect contacting vacuum dryer which discharging continuously. Material can be feeding evenly on the dry band by feeding device. The dry band will move at the rate of set speed, go through every heating zone. Go through the cooling zone to reach normal temperature finally. The contacting part uses the sanitary material. The machine adopts CIP system and meets the requirement of GMP and HACCP.

Technical Feature:

The parameter of volume of feeding, speed of drying(duration), vacuum degree and heating-cooling temperature can be control in place, and it achieved visualization.

It is equipped with CIP. and it adopts pre-set procedure to finish autocleaning process. The whole procedure can be verification.

It adopts unique belt correcting device which is accurate and stable.

It can work continuously under 30mbar vacuum room.

Basic parameter/Type


GDZY25 GDZY210 GDZY430 GDZY560 GDZY6100 GDZY8150 GDZY10200

Exchange heating plate area









Width for the material conveying belt(mm) 350 550 650 900 1100 1400 1400 1400
number of Layers drying 1 2 2 4 5 6 8 10
The number of heat transfer plate 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 6
Talk inner diameter(mm) 800 1100 1200 1900 2200 2500 2800 3000
Length of the tank(mm) 4500 6000 9000 10500 13500 15000 16000 16500
Altitude of the tank (mm) 2300 2400 2400 2700 3000 3100 3400 3700
Temperature of healing plate drying 45~145 45~145 45~145 45~145 45~145 45~145 45~145 45~145
Material temperature 20~80 20~80 20~80 20~80 20~80 20~80 20~80 20~80
Way of aligning nitiative

Notes: If the solvent of raw material is organic(ethanol, acetone, methanol etc.), evaporation capacity would rise.Evaporation capacity is closely related with drying temperature.

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